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Laundry & OPL (On Premises Laundry)

GMP Chemicals grey water safe, one product laundry program saves on cycle time reduces water consumption and can be used in hot or cold temperature. It will rationalise your inventory and exceeds all O.H & S. requirements. Most of all, it will produce an exceptional clean and vibrant result on both whites and colours every time. It is an advanced and complete laundry system suitable for On Premises Laundry facilities and manual operators.

LAUNDRY LIQUID-Laundry liquid for automatic washing machines : Download MSDS

OXYGEN BLEACH-Hydrogen peroxide, for best results add to detergent wash : Download MSDS

FABRIC SOFTENER-Fabric Softener : Download MSDS

GLACIER STARCH-High quality powdered wheaton starch to add body to fabric where required : Download MSDS

PREWASH STAIN REMOVER (SPRAY)-Prespotting soils & stains prior to washing : Download MSDS

WOOLWASH-Mild neutral ph detergent : Download MSDS

LAUNDRY POWDER CONCENTRATE-Biodegradable laundry powder concentrate with built in fabric softener, NSF : Download MSDS

LAUNDRY SOAKER-Stain remover & sanitiser, pre-soak & wash laundry booster : Download MSDS

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